O.D. Grip Diaphragm Chucks

The diaphragm chuck is a low travel, precision chuck normally used in finishing and grinding operations with stringent tolerance requirements. However, they can be designed for milling operations, which require a high degree of repeatability.

Accuracy: The chuck is repeatable within .0002 inch TIR when gripping a qualified part master (finish ground).

Actuation Options:
          Spring Applied
          Pneumatic Applied
          Hydraulic Applied
          Draw Bar Applied
          Spring Release
          Pneumatic Release
          Drawbar Release
          Hydraulic Release

Actuation Options:
          Built-In Cylinder
          Master Collet (with replacable Collet Pads)
          Serrated Grip Surface
          Carbide Etched Grip Surface
          Air Registry
          Face Clamps
          Coolant Interface

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